Month: May 2023

JIGS is the Bundesliga champion 2022/2023

The Bundesliga season 2022/23 ended last week. And our JIGS team finished 1st place! 🎉 Members of the team were: Andrii Kravets 1p, Matias Pankoke 6d, Elian Grigoriu 6d, Manja Marz 4d, Olesia Malko 3d, Erik Weigert 2d, Frantisek Caha 2d. Here you can find the final standings: JIGS also has a B team called […]

Go Go and more Go at the Oldenburg Tournament!

Who needs a normal 5 round weekend tournament, if you could play 7 rounds at the weekend? This will happen on 27.5. – 28.5. in Oldenburg as a Pokalturnier. And it is even more interesting, because on 26.5. there will be Seminar given by Andrii Kravets, 1p — in a way that you can apply […]

European Women’s Go Championship 2023

Last weekend, our teacher Manja Marz 4d participated in European Women’s Go Championship in Strasbourg, France. This year, Chinese-Austrian Li Ting 1p also participated for the first time and she was considered to be a big favorite because even though her last official tournament was 4 years ago, she is a professional player, who possesses […]

Interview with Andrii Kravets, 1p 🇺🇦

In the middle of the Corona pandemic, Andrii Kravets decided to move in August 2021 to Germany. Perhaps not everyone has noticed it. Therefore, here is an interview with Andrii Kravets, 1p. Manja: Why did you come to Germany? Andrii: I wanted to move from Ukraine to Central Europe for a long time to be […]

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