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Next JIGS camp in October!

Hello all, we offer our next camp from 01.-08.10.2023 in Jena. It is designed for parents and children together. However, you can also participate without having a child or adult at your side 🙂 We will teach in several classes and languages. The nice thing: you can combine this camp with the tournament in […]

A short look back at EGC

We would like to make a quick look back at EGC from the point of view of our students. Congratulations to our students! Altogether the result of our students is 98:73 — this is a very good result overall! Especially congratulations to Davide Bernardis 5d (he hasn’t been in JIGS for a while, but still […]

Next 9 weeks course starting soon

The next 9 weeks course is starting on 11.9. and you have 3 days left to register with a 10% discount. The discount applies if you register until 21.8. The usual price is 90€. You can find more information about the course here. You may also again give a wish for a specific teacher 🙂 […]

Andrii Kravets – The European Champion 2023

Big congratulations to our teacher Andrii Kravets 1p for becoming The European Champion of 2023! His path to victory led through many strong opponents. In the 1st round, he won against Davide Bernardis, then he stumbled in the 2nd round, where he lost to Jonas Welticke. However, the tournament is played by a double knockout […]

JIGS Tsumego Challenge at EGC 2023

It is less than a week until EGC 🙂 We are very happy to see you at EGC. Therefore we’ve prepared a JIGS Tsumego Challenge at EGC this year. Each day you get 9 problems (in three categories) and you can collect up to 18 points per day. If you have more than 100 points, […]

Congratulations to a JIGS student!

We are happy to announce, that our JIGS student Frantisek Caha (2d, CZ) has won the Leipzig tournament (49. Leipziger Bergmannsturnier) 🙂 Frantisek is studying in several JIGS courses: A lot of effort was put into achieving this victory – Congratulations! Tournament review in German:

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