Intensive Training

Face to Face
Go in JIGS

One week of intensive Go lessons. For those who need a full immersion in go. Every day during the week there are lectures, games, tasks and a lot of fun in the evenings. Located in a small university town in Germany. Camps usually take place in easter, summer, autumn time and at christmans/new year.

Price: 400 €

Next dates of camps in Jena:
25.3.-1.4.2024 (Easter camp)
                          directly after the European Youth Championship
13.7.-20.7. (Summer camp)
5.10.-11.10. (Autumn camp)
28.12.-4.1.25 (Winter camp)

How is
the training

9 hour per day training

Each day is divided into three teaching sessions:
– morning (9 am – 1pm),
– afternoon (3pm – 6pm), and
– evening (7pm-9pm).
In the afternoon session there is the option to do other active entertainment instead of Go.

Up to 7 days

Intensive Training Camps usually will take one week. You can choose which dates are suitable for you and join even for one day.


The language of the camp is English or German. If there will be a group of 5 or more people which prefers another language (e.g. French, Italian, Russian) we will create a group in your language.

Age and Rank

Participation is possible for people of any age. The camp is good from beginners to dan level players.

League game

Playing games is the most important way to practise your skills. You will have pairings at the beginning of the session.
The games will be face to face and submitted to EGD. After you finish your game, the teacher will review your game.

League game


When you come to Jena you will get your personal Tsumego book. After you finish your tsumego book you will get a special prize and of course another tsumego book.

Reading, focus and your fighting skills will be improved by daily Tsumego. 


Accommodation (included in price)

All participants of the camp will live in the JIGS house, which is close to nature with nice views. Rooms are 15-20 square meters and they have 2 bunk beds (3-4 person per room). Also there is a large living room, a kitchen and a sauna.
In the back of the house there is a small garden for leisure and barbecue parties.

We’ve got you covered!

At JIGS we have a team of dedicated teachers to turbo-boost your Go skills. Whether you are just getting started, or already aspiring to become the next European Champion… 


The JIGS student is asked to leave Line I when turning 20. The student can continue studying anytime in Line II. In case not all places are filled, the student might stay longer in Line I depending on a decision by the management.

At any time, potential future students can visit our Go school together with their parents for several days and weeks. The fees for Line I students will apply accordingly. For potential Line III students, the Go Bootcamp for Kids is an elegant way to get to know the other JIGS-students, teachers and environment. This time can also be used to interact 

with and select a national school.

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