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Go Training

We offer a wide variety of activities online to learn a Go without compromises. You can join at any time!

Less intensive 9-weeks
online Go course

The most popular JIGS program for those who want to study go for a long time and combine it with work and study.

Price: course will cost 90 euro

The lessons

Once per week you meet with your class. The teacher has seen your games already and will teach you new theoretical concepts around 20min. The remaining time is used to look briefly into your games.

A serious games​

Games are held between the participants of the course. The teacher conducts an analysis of the game at a weekly meeting.
The games are played on KGS – Room JIGS.

Daily Tsumego

Most strong Go players think this is the most important component to become strong. You will have a Tsumego channel which is only for you and the Tsumego teacher. Please do each day at least 10min Tsumego.

A summary video​

Your teacher will provide a summary video of the theoretical part. This video is usually between 5 and 20min long. In case of adults classes you get the entire lesson by video.

Intensive Training Go Camp Online

Everything is the same as in our Face-to-face Go training, only online.

One week of intensive Go lessons. For those who need a full immersion in go. Every day during the week there are lectures, games, tasks and a lot of fun in the evenings.

Price: course will cost 50 euro / day (>6days)

Group classes

1 day 70 euro 
1 week 350 euro 
2 weeks 600 euro
1 month 1000 euro

4h with teacher​

Online class in a group with a teacher

9h training

Schedule for the entire day from teacher: inkl. games, tsumego, ….

Private lectures

We offer private lectures with Andrii Kravets 1p.

1 lesson 35 euro (per hour)
10 lessons 300 euro

Individual training

1 day 100 euro
1 week 500 euro
2 weeks 850 euro
1 month 1400 euro

4h with teacher​

Single-lessons: one teacher for one student

9h training

Schedule for the entire day from teacher: incl. games, tsumego, ….

Tsumego training

Price: One month of Tsumego training only will cost 30 euro, or you can order 3 months for 75 euro.

A Telegram channel will be set up exclusively for you and your Tsumego teacher. 

You will receive a book or other means of go problems according to your level by your Tsumego teacher. You can practice and submit any amount of solutions by sending a picture to the telegram channel. If you prefer to do tsumego on a computer, this is also possible. 

Your teacher will correct them usually within at most 48 hours.


“Play + Train”

Price: course will cost 30 euro per month

Meet once per week

This is a 3 hours group lesson. 30 minutes theory, 1 hour practice on this theory, 1.5 hours playing with each other.

Up to 8 people in a group

The lessons are in English and German.

Students play each other

The trainer supervises the games and interrupts here and then! The goal is not so much to win the games, but to get immediate responses to your moves.

Game reviews

Send an sgf file of your game and we will make a video with a review of the game. 

If you have any questions about this game you can write them in advance and we will answer them in the video. Also, if you are not sure about some moves and sequences or if you do not feel confident with them, please tell the number of the moves and your thoughts about them. We will also cover this in the review video. Usually, a review video will be around 15-25 minutes long.

Price: A review of one game will cost 20 euro, if you order 5 reviews it will be 90 euro.

We’ve got you covered!

At JIGS we have a team of dedicated teachers to turbo-boost your Go skills. Whether you are just getting started, or already aspiring to become the next European Champion… 

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