Students’ after-camp successes

Hello everyone,

we are bringing you 2 flash news about our students’ successes, which occurred last weekend right after the Easter camp.

Firstly, we received a warm message from Eduard Yang’s parents, who went on a holiday trip to Spain and attended a Go tournament in Seville. There were many interesting games, the tournament was played with handicap stones and, giving Eduard a chance to score high on the results list. Eduard (8k) won 4/5 games and finished in a very nice 6th place out of 34 participants. Big Congratulations! 👏

Secondly, our long-time student Hannah 3k played in a 5-round blitz tournament (Hamburger Schnell-Go-Turnier), which was played with full-handicap and 30 minutes sudden death time settings. It was Hannah’s first tournament playing as a 3k and she managed to win all of her 5 games and win the tournament. Big Congratulations! 👏 Along the way, Hannah won against 2k, 2k (no komi), 3d, 3d (5 stones) and 5k (her mama, giving her 2-stone handicap 😊).

We are happy to see such results from our students and we wish them good luck for the next tournaments! 🍀

Students’ after-camp successes
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