The Easter camp is on!

Hello everyone, the Easter camp 2024 has started and this time we are happy to have cca 11 attendants, mostly kids, but also one adult.

The camp started on Sunday, when everyone arrived, got a house tour and could already start training go 😊 All of the kids received their tsumego books including several opening positions and all of them were very eager on the first day to solve as many tsumego as possible. In the evening, we made 3 teams – team A prepared the table for the dinner, team B prepared the meal, and team C patiently waited to clean the dishes after the dinner. Later, the children had the option to study more or go to bed, and some of them continued studying even until midnight. 💪

This morning, after everyone fulfilled the list of their tasks for the morning (make their bed 🛏️, have breakfast 🍳, brush their teeth 🦷) we went to the JenTower, where kids played their league games and then had reviews of their games. Then we had a small break and lunch and after that, the kids had their short lectures and were solving tsumego. Then we went back to the JIGS house and the kids went to play on a playground and then the shopping group went to buy food together 🛒, while the rest of the kids were solving tsumego. Everyone then had dinner together and in the evening we played a blind-go tournament.

There are many things ahead of us for this camp and we are happy that all of the kids seem to enjoy the camp. Even though most of them didn’t know each other before the camp, they became good friends very quickly 🤝

Below you can find some pictures from the camp 📷

The Easter camp is on!
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