European Youth Go Championship 2024

The European Youth Go Championship took place in Hamburg, Germany this year. Juniors competed among 3 age groups – U12, U18 and U21. Kids from U12 and U18 categories were competing for qualifying for the World Junior Championship and players from U21 were competing for a wildcard for a European Championship.

Big congratulations to all players, especially the ones who got the first 3 places!
Final standings
🥇 Bártík Dach 2d 🇨🇿
🥈Bende Barcza 2d 🇭🇺
🥉Ryan Zhang 3d 🇬🇧

🥇 Xing Yuze 5d 🇩🇪
🥈Stjepan Medak 3d 🇭🇷
🥉Jan Komín 2d 🇨🇿

We would also like to share the results of all players who have spent time with us in JIGS or are currently participating. Almost all players from the list finished with a positive score! 😊

6:0 Bártík Dach, 2d
3:3 Ole WIlle, 4k
3:3 Tarmo Donner, 15k
3:3 Larissa Marz, 18k
4:2 Lui Blemschein, 26k

4:2 Jan Komín, 2d
3:3 Adam Dottan, 2d
3:3 Ferdinand Marz, 1d
4:2 Bastian Leissen, 5k
2:4 Eva Leisen, 8k
3:3 Leopold Marz, 12k
4:2 Lukas Freitag, 13k
3:3 Malou Kleinle, 17k

European Youth Go Championship 2024
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