Interview with Marcel , 10kyu

Hello everyone, we are bringing you an interview with Marcel, who is a Go player and who stayed a few days in JIGS and dedicated his time to studying Go with us, especially teacher Andrii Kravets 1p 🇺🇦.

1. Hello Marcel, how old are you?
37 😊

2. When did you start to play Go?
I started in 2010 and I played for 6 months. Then I moved to a different country and stopped playing until I started 2.5 months ago again.

3. How strong are you now?
Around 10kyu.

4. Why did you decide to come to JIGS?
After the pandemic, I wanted to pick up playing Go, but playing online only felt a little hollow. So, getting the opportunity to train in person was something that I thought would be really valuable, and it certainly has been.

5. How long will you stay in JIGS?
I have stayed 4 days over the school holiday.

6. What is your aim after you studied in JIGS?
I wanted to understand my weaknesses and figure out how I could continue to learn and study Go more effectively at home.

7. Who has been teaching you so far?
I learned Go from a 6d Japanese businessman in London. Unfortunately, I forgot his name. I am also part of Hwang In-Seong’s EYD online school.

8. What is go for you?
OMG. That’s a big question. I am half Asian and a part of playing is connecting me with my culture, but also Go is just an endless puzzle and even AI hasn’t really taken the magic away from it.

9. What was the most difficult thing in jigs?
Playing Blitz Go with kids is really chaotic.

10. Do you want to leave some message for the readers?
More people should come to JIGS, because Go is a game that requires an extended focus, and that is what you get here.

Thank you Marcel for the interview! And we hope you enjoyed it 😊

Interview with Marcel , 10kyu
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