Christmas JIGS camp 2023

Hello everyone, first of all, we would like to wish you all the best in the new year 2024! 🙏🏻

During the past week, we organized a Christmas camp, which was once again filled with go and other leisure activities.

The main teacher was Andrii, with Manja and Ferdinand taking over a few lectures. We were delighted to see new faces at JIGS – Emanuel (6k) and Ben (6k). We had plenty of guest players, including Chen (4d), who joined us for a full day of training, and also kids who visited for a few days.

In addition to intensive go training, which included league games, reviews, lectures, simultaneous games, tsumego, or blind go, we also enjoyed various non-go activities. These included a trip to Erfurt for ice skating⛸️ (where we discovered that Ben had been practicing figure skating for several years), bouldering in two of the Jena bouldering/climbing halls 🧗 (as you correctly guessed – Ben has also been practicing bouldering for some time already and Emanuel bravely went to try for his first time and did very well), playing bowling🎳 (where Niklas and Manja dominated the rest of us), and hiking ⛰️ in the Jena hills.

On the 31st of December, we had an amazing Shabu-Shabu dinner (thanks to Micha!) and celebrated the evening together with a couple of friends.

Below, you can find photos from the camp. We look forward to the next one. 👋

Christmas JIGS camp 2023
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